Omnibus Surveys


  • Each client may ask a minimum of three questions up to a maximum of 10 questions per study. 
  • Questions and answer options must be submitted in word format. 
  • All basic question formats are permitted: yes/no; single and multiple answer select; ranking; rating; and open-ended questions. Please note: every four statements, attributes, ratings or rankings count as one question. 
  • Open-ended question responses included in the data file. Coding available at an additional fee. 
  • Simple branching, skipping and piping patterns may be included. Complex or specialized questions may require a separate custom survey. 
  • Questions can include images for an additional $150 per image. Images must be submitted in JPEG or GIF format with a maximum file size of 60k and maximum dimensions of 600 x 800 pixels.


An excel data file and standard cross-tabs based on collected standard demographics will be delivered by e-mail within two business days after the field period ends. Customized cross-tabs, and other required file types are available for an additional fee.