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Omnibus Surveys

Need to know what impact your product, service or concept has among college students?  
The OnCampus Research Omnibus is your fast track to finding out!

This shared-cost offering enables our clients to gain fast, cost-effective survey results when a full custom study is not required and budgets are limited. Data is collected through a random sampling of college students on our national online panel.

Clients have the flexibility to purchase a minimum of three questions up to a maximum of 10 questions. However, we do limit the total number of questions / length for each complete survey to ensure a positive respondent experience.


  • VITAL INSIGHTS: Reveal brand awareness and preference, shopping behavior, purchase intent, customer satisfaction and more. 
  • COST EFFICIENCY: Pay only a fraction of the study cost, by spreading the overheads of the survey preparation, respondent selection, data collection and analysis, over several clients while still gaining the efficiency and benefits of a large sample study. 
  • FAST ANSWERS: See the big picture through the results of quarterly data; with deliverables arriving within 3 to 4 business days after field period ends (allow additional days for openended coding). 
  • INDIVIDUAL RESULTS: Ability to still ask proprietary questions that are confidential and central to your business and planning strategies. 
  • STATISTICAL RELIABILITY: Results are reliable and representative of the entire U.S. college population. 
  • LONGITUDINAL TRACKING: Track your results over time to see where campaigns or product offerings have excelled or where necessary adjustments are needed. 
  • CONVENIENCE AND FLEXIBILITY: Quarterly fielding schedule to best fit your timing needs.