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To date, OnCampus Research has awarded more than $85,000 in prize money to college students.

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OnCampus Research Student Panel

At a Glance

OnCampus Research offers direct access to an online panel of more than 24,000 college students on nearly 400 campuses across the U.S. 

Through our direct access and work with college retail stores, we can determine buying habits and trends and offer customized research programs to help you learn more about this important market.


While recruitment is ongoing, heavier recruiting takes place during October and February when OnCampus Research conducts its syndicated Student Watch™ study.

OnCampus Research maintains a panel website (www.winoncampus.com) where students are able to sign-up for the panel and readily access and update their account information.  Students are required to provide key information that allows us to easily identify and segment our panel to better assist your sample needs.  

As each and every panelist is required to Double-opt in and pass our validation security checks, you can be assured of high quality samples. 

Panel Profile

Our objective is to recruit a sample that reflects, as closely as possible, the true make-up of all U.S. colleges and universities in terms of current student status (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, graduate students), school type (public vs. private), program type (two-year vs. four-year), and school size (small,medium, & large).